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About Virginia’s Future PAC

Less government, more individual liberty, and lower taxes…

… and a rejection of the establishment’s agenda and their pursuit of power without purpose.

Americans and Virginians – young and old, Republican, and yes even Democratic – have had it with status quo politicians who are more interested in positions and titles than in strengthening our communities, Commonwealth, and country.

Virginia’s Future PAC is here to do something about that.

We’re working to elect, not a partisan majority, but rather a principled conservative majority that understands it exists to serve the people rather than control them.

Republicans didn’t win big in November of 2010, Washington D.C. Democrats lost.  But we hope to help to recruit, develop, and support candidates deserving of the votes of their fellow citizens and neighbors, rather than voters simply voting against the other guy (or gal).

People don’t expect to agree 100% of the time with those standing before them for public office.  But they certainly don’t want Democrats pushing a socialist agenda and Republicans saying anything to get elected and then doing the opposite once elected.  And most importantly, they want to vote for people who are honest with them, have integrity in their service, who do what they say they’ll do, and are principled and consistent.

The current political mood is no reason to rest on our laurels.  Victory for right-of-center candidates is hardly assured, and we certainly can’t trust that the right kind of candidates will be elected, especially with the establishment working so hard to ensure their hold on power by electing their types of “conservatives”.

We cannot allow any betrayal of our principles by the GOP leadership in Richmond.

That means fighting federal mandates on the Commonwealth, like ObamaCare and standing firm against big-government nannyism.

It means rejecting any and all new taxes, wasteful state spending, and laws that restrict the liberty and/or prosperity of Virginians.

And it means defending the core conservative and constitutional principles that made Virginia a catalyst for the creation of this great nation –- and the most-free and prosperous state in the Union.

But even as we ensure that those in Richmond keep their promises and stay true to our conservative values, so must we begin now to recruit, support, and help fund candidates for the House and Senate who proudly cherish these values, and will live up to them after they are sworn in.

Our mission is simple, clear, and uncompromising: To elect, NOT just simply a GOP Majority this November to the Virginia House and Senate but rather:

  • a majority of anti-establishment men and women who go to Richmond to do something and not be somebody;
  • who never forget who they work for;
  • folks who will rather take the right vote and get unelected than take the wrong vote and keep their job;
  • and most importantly, those who will stand firm for our shared conservative principles in shaping the future of our Commonwealth.

We hope you’ll join our effort by getting involved and making a financial contribution.

Your donation will help us to:

  1. Recruit, train, and support rock-solid young conservatives who can oust entrenched liberal Democrats AND over the hill Virginia big-government Republicans from power;
  2. Build and promote an alternative to our existing Party institutions that can inform voters of the issues and ensure they get out and vote for conservative candidates;
  3. Fully fund each and every deserving conservative candidate who needs our financial support.

Be a part of our winning strategy to change politics as usual in Virginia. Together, we will help deliver the right change for Virginia and our nation.

Our Founder and Chairman:
Jeffrey M. Frederick

Jeff Frederick

Jeffrey M. Frederick served three terms in the House of Delegates, the lower body of the General Assembly of Virginia representing Eastern Prince William County, one of nine jurisdictions in Northern Virginia. He is the first Latino to be elected to any position in Virginia state government in its long 400-plus year history.

Jeff is also the former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, and a former member of the 168-member Republican National Committee.

When elected to the legislature, Jeff was the youngest member of the General Assembly, and when elected chairman, was the youngest state GOP Chief in the nation.

During his legislative career, Mr. Frederick was a member of four standing committees: Finance; Transportation; Health, Welfare, and Institutions; and Privileges and Elections. He was first elected in November 2003, re-elected in November 2005, and again in November 2007 with 59% of the vote — in what many viewed as a strongly Democratic-leaning district.

He has served on several boards and commissions, among them the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and the Virginia Small Business Commission, where he was Chairman.

Jeff is active in a number of local and national political organizations, including the Club for Growth; the Republican National Hispanic Assembly; America’s Future Foundation; and the Council for National Policy. He is Chairman of Virginia’s Future PAC.

Jeff is a concerned citizen and community activist, having served on the Civilian-Military Council at Marine Corps Base Quantico and is a graduate of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Citizen’s Academy. He has been active with Virginia Citizen’s League, the Masons, and a past member of the board of directors for the National Capitol Area Chrysalis/Emmaus community. He also previously served on the boards of both the Hispanic Business Roundtable and the Latino Coalition. Jeff and his family attend All Saints Church in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Professionally, Jeff is Chief Executive Officer of GXS, a Virginia based technology and public affairs company which he founded in 1998. He is also President of Tribord Management, a real estate asset management firm, in addition to a number of other entrepreneurial pursuits — including opening a craft brewery in 2016.

Jeff is a graduate of Oxford College and Emory University with degrees in economics and political science. He is an avid sailor who has been skippering boats (big and small) since childhood; he’s been a Redskins fan since he could say “football”; and keeps fit by playing racquetball, softball, tennis, and snow skiing in the winter. Jeff is also a life-long cyclist having competed in his younger years.  Currently, he is training for his private pilot’s license.

Jeff is a Virginia native (born in Fairfax hospital). He lives in Montclair with his children Gracie, Isabel, and Michael.

Read more about Jeff.

Help us elect keeping-it-real-conservative candidates.