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Virginia’s Future PAC: Changing politics as usual.

With an election every year here, the stakes are always high in Virginia.  For too long, the political establishment of both major political parties have put their relentless pursuit of power over the interests of the people they are called to represent.

Americans and Virginians, young and old, Republican and Democrat alike are disgusted with the arrogance and recklessness of status quo politicians and are craving a return to the constitutional first-principles of personal liberty and prosperity that made our Commonwealth and country great.

Virginia’s Future PAC (Political Action Committee) is here to change politics as usual in the Old Dominion.

And our mission is simple, clear, and uncompromising:  To elect, not just simply a partisan majority, but rather a majority of anti-establishment men and women who go to Richmond and Washington to do something and not be somebody; who never forget who they work for; folks who will rather take the right vote and get unelected than take the wrong vote and keep their job; and most importantly, those who will keep their promises and stand firm for our shared conservative principles in shaping the future of our Commonwealth.

Will you help us?  Sign up to stay updated on our activities and to get involved, or make a contribution to help us elect rock-solid young conservatives.

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